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In the present day ‘global economy’ the need of the hour is to put systems in place in order to bring about cohesion of principles and practices to attain ‘Value for Money’.

Organizations receive loans, grants, donations and funds for specific purposes. While the programmatic approach is essential, there needs to be clarity and understanding on the roles of everyone, especially finance and accounts professionals. The increasing tendency to establish better and improved systems exist not only in the commercial sector but also in the social sector, irrespective of a government or non government agency.

The need for transparency, accountability and effective monitoring and supervision becomes paramount. Even in case of non government agencies, the agenda is based on country requirements and not on independent agenda.

In order to promote the aspects of transparency, accountability and monitoring among local government units and civil society organizations, the non government sector needs to increase its participation in local government processes, governance and capacity building, to achieve collective civil society initiatives, sustainable projects and those that promote good governance within the civil society.

Thus there is a gap and a need to improve and enhance the capacity in various aspects of governance and financial management for all actors and stake holders. Filling such a gap will result in the scalability of programs and will involve entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, academicians and policymakers. This will also help to catalyze the flow of excellent human resource to manage such organizations and programs.

Where to begin?

It is a good question.

You are at the starting point!

We at ACTNOW Management Services, provide the necessary platform for you to come together to learn, to deliberate and to create a source for a more inclusive, investible and sustainable social enterprise.

Participating enterprises will have the opportunity to get capacity-building inputs, strategic advice and mentoring from industry experts as well as get exclusive access to other related areas. We are currently at the intersection of commercial and social businesses. We combine our exposure and expertise gained in both the sectors, to nurture our commitment to the private and social sector development and financial systems development.

We invite you to this web site to understand in detail the gamut of services we offer and to develop a productive association based on our goals of performance, competence, dependability and timely delivery.